Folded Ear Tall  $1200


Scottish Kilts TICA are new and rare. The price is higher up north so we are trying to find our market. Past buyers are very, very happy. Our kittens are the softest and sweetest. 

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Bobo and Blanch

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Scottish Kilts, a rare and wonderful find, and Scottish Folds TICA registered. 


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Scottish Kilts ready to rehome May 20, 2021

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Straight Ear Munchkin $1500


Updated November 26, 2020

Prices do not include shipping. Prefer personal pickup. Will meet at airport for pickup. Warning: Cannot ship at this time due to freezing temperatures. Also, most airlines will not cargo ship a persian mix. Plan travel early or arrange early to save money on shipping. 


Kilts are Not for breeding or showing. If you want to show, can register as house cat. Experimental breed may be accepted at a later date by TICA. They are keeping track of this new breed. They will be registered as Scottish Kilts under experimental breeds in TICA. Very exciting. Our beauty girl kitten we have is exceptionally smart, kind and a sweetheart. You will receive TICA papers after the kitten is shown to be neutered/spayed as according to TICA rules under the ethics of breeding.




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Standard Kilt Munchkin Folded Ear $2800


We also breed Havanese! (for 10 years now)

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